It all started when...

Family-owned and community focused, Located in Austin, TX the best capital of the world, our first store serves guests more than 500 rolls per day. Around here, a lot of thought goes into what we put in our food, and what we take out of it. Get to know our wholesome ingredients and the trusted partners we get them from.

The All American Sushi is also an technology company that use the latest technology available in the global market place in sushi making. We continually will raise the bar in Sushi technology making

We don't server:

  • Processed MSG
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Dyes
  • Artificial colors*
  • Artificial flavors

Our distinctive culinary path put The All American Sushi at the forefront of new contemporary American Sushi cuisine. Influenced by American and modern Japanese cooking.

Mission Statement

  • To create one of the the most affordable Sushi restaurant ever
  • USA first, Technology second
  • Providing consistently fresh and healthy foods using only the finest ingredients and kipping the same quality ever.
  • To respect and care for each person associated with our company and that include giving employees benefits that fit there needs.


The All American Sushi was born in 2016 when Carlos, who had been working in the financial sector in Brazil  and also start a food technology company by accident just to help a friend-client, a sushi chef that need a software to diminish wast for his restaurant kitchen.  The startup receive the name of Homus Economicus (Homus like the food Hummus without one m and Economicus like the Homo Economicus the economic man). The restaurant software was really successful diminishing wast to almost zero and the sushi chef didn't went out of business.

To continuously raises the bar and set a new standard for high quality sushi, Carlos decide that he need to create a restaurant chain in the USA from the ground up using the same technology created in Homus Economicus, and the latest technology available.



Menus can be custom designed for both business and social occasions.
Please call to inquire, 303-777-0826.


  • New Years Day – Close
  • Memorial Day – Open all day
  • July 4th – Open all day
  • Labor Day – Open all day
  • Thanksgiving Day – Open all day
  • Christmas Day – Gone Fishing! Closed all day


We love America! 

"Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America."


The All American Sushi will open its first retail space in early 2017.